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Dinitroso PentaMethylene Tetramine (DNPT)

Foaming Agent in India

Dinitroso PentaMethylene Tetramine (DNPT)

It is a chemical popularly known as blowing agent or foaming agent, while added to rubber it generates inert gases on heating and causes the resin to form a cellular structure. Dinitroso PentaMethylene Tetramine (DNPT) has a number of applications in rubber and plastic industry. It is primarily used in rubber industry to produce sponges and expanded rubber.Microfoan DNPT is used to make Hawai chappals, slippers and shoes.

It is also used in cellular ceramics, sheets, extrusions of profiles, pipes and wire coatings, seals for crown corks and door sealing strips. DNPT is receptive to mineral and organic acids, which decomposes it quickly, causing it to ignite. It is also highly inflammable and should be taken care while using it.

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