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PVC Blowing Agent in India

Sri Dwarikadheesh Polymers have started its operations in 2006 with the manufacturing facilities in Alwar, a northern state of Rajasthan. We are the leading manufacturer of Azodicarbonamide (ADC) and it is widely accepted in the global market and domestic market. We have achieved a production target of 250 MT and further planning to raise our target as per our expectation & market demand. We are also exporting Azodicarbonamide (Blowing Agent) to neighboring countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kenya, and South Africa. The company focuses on manufacturing high quality Dinitroso PentaMethylene Tetramine (DNPT) and various grades of Azodicarbonamide (ADC). Our qualified quality checkers keep a track at every manufacturing process to ensure finest quality. The final product is kept for sampling and further innovation of the quality. It is tested in the laboratory before issuing a test certificate. We follow globally accepted procedures and production processes in our plant to guarantee the highest quality product.

Azodicarbonamide (ADC), a blowing agent used in Rubber, Shoe Material, PVC Flooring, Eva Sheet & Eva Footwear, Foaming, Pvc Doors & Window, Pvc Furniture, Irrigation Pipe & Insulation Materials and Artificial Leather Cloth Industries. It is also used as pre products in various industries. The brand value of the group focuses on achieving Complete Customer Satisfaction by delivering our clients finest quality and services. The company has invested substantial amount to set up production and R&D base at our manufacturing plant. The company will maintain the operating notion of reliance on the basis of shared benefit to the market and its allies. We will provide most cost-effective, high-quality products to our customers.

The beginning of the journey at Sri Dwarikadheesh Polymers started five decades ago and ever since we upgraded and product and services. Owing to its customer centric approach and awareness towards excellence, the company has been able to draw a large number of high profile clients of Footwear Industries using Rubber Blowing & PVC Blowing Agent. It has established itself as a dependable and unique enterprise in the field of industrial chemicals.

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